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ChatGPT & GPT-4 for most leaders: It’s not ready for you (yet)


Chat GPT


When it comes to measuring how mature a technology solution is (and whether you can adopt it), you can divide the life cycle into PioneersSettlers, and Town Planners.

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If you’re looking for a prescriptive answer, like “being a specialist is always better”, then I’ll save you some time: there is none. You can find people who will say that — no doubt on Reddit — but a statement like that is woefully untrue, and overly simplistic. No career is one size fits all.


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LucidGains is one the best investment trading platform I have used so far .The first time I connected with them I thought I was wasting my time till after I took a plan to investment and got my returns also I got an education on trading too....

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You need a financial firm that offers individuals a variety of better options to take advantage of the financial market at its peak. Zen Trading is the company, and with just a few clicks you can start making much more money for yourself.From the stock market to the...

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